BVTMC Getai Show [August 2022 Meeting]

It’s the Seventh Month and what better way to commemorate it than to… transform our meeting room into a Getai Stage!

Getai Show

Disco lights, light sticks, and lots of tinsels. What we need now are feathers and lots of glamorous makeup!

Getai Show Guests Sharing

As usual, we have a segment where all our guests have chance to introduce themselves to the rest of the club.

This time, everyone had to share if they’ve experienced a Getai before.

Surprisingly, many of them have never gone to one and are learning about this unique culture for the first time!

Have you been to one? Post them in the comments below!

New Member Installation

Welcome Julia for joining our super fun Toastmaster Club.

As per tradition, we had our VP Membership Fangyu induct her, and presented her a special gift from us!

Project Speeches

We had 2 speeches this evening.

Clement delivered his first Ice Breaker Speech for his 2nd Path.

He recounted his experience joining Toastmasters 10 years ago, delivering his very first Ice Breaker speech, and how it changed his life.

Want to know more about his journey? Click here!

Next up, Julia shared her L5P1 Project: Prepare to Speak Professionally.

In her 20 minute speech, she brought us through the processes that happens before drugs enter the market, and how taught us some tips on how to save money buying common drugs!

Interested? Click here!

Project Evaluations

Clement’s speech was evaluated by Nidhi. She emphasised on the importance of storytelling and encouraged everyone in the audience to be comfortable telling stories.

Julia’s speech was evaluated by Anand. He was throuroughly impressed by Julia! But still left important advice for Julia’s long presentation – to be clearer on the purpose and the message behind the talk.

Check out Nidhi’s and Anand’s evaluations.

Getai Table Topics

Our table Topics were fun! And are all based on.. classic Getai Song!

See if you can recognise (and sing) these songs!

Getai Songs
Getai Songs!

Getai Show Award Winners

The Best Table Topics Ribbon went to…. our guest Vigneswari!

Getai Best Table Topics

Congratulations on the touching impromptu speech!

In conclusion, we had a wonderful meeting this July!

Do join us in our future meetings for more wonderful learning and practice in Public Speaking, as we help one another in a fun and supportive environment!

Hit here to RSVP!! 

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