August 26, 2018

Our Mentoring Program

Award Winning Mentors


A student is only as good as his teacher.

But no one has ever said that a teacher is not a student. This is our mantra at Buona Vista Toastmaster’s Club.

Buona Vista Toastmaster’s Club has a comprehensive mentoring program where mentors are assigned mentees based on our own system. And looking at the quality of speakers we have in club, our method works wonders! There are a lot of toastmasters clubs that have a Mentoring program but we are special.

The Chief Mentor at Buona Vista Toastmasters Club besides managing the Mentor’s Circle, plays a vital role in ensuring that the needs of the mentees, the needs of the mentor and the quality of mentor-mentee relationship is held to a consistently high standard. How our Chief Mentor achieves this is our own little Trade Secret – our Coca Cola Formula.



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