26 August 2018

Our Mentoring Program

Award Winning Mentors

A student is only as good as his teacher.

But no one has ever said that a teacher is not a student. This is our mantra at Buona Vista Toastmaster’s Club.

Buona Vista Toastmaster’s Club has a comprehensive mentoring program where mentors are assigned mentees based on our own system. And looking at the quality of speakers we have in club, our method works wonders! There are a lot of toastmasters clubs that have a Mentoring program but we are special.

The Chief Mentor at Buona Vista Toastmasters Club besides managing the Mentor’s Circle, plays a vital role in ensuring that the needs of the mentees, the needs of the mentor and the quality of mentor-mentee relationship is held to a consistently high standard. How our Chief Mentor achieves this is our own little Trade Secret – our Coca Cola Formula.

Our Mentor’s Circle

Chief Mentor Shantanu Raoke, CC, ALB
Our Mentors Clement Chio, DTM
Encey Yao, EC4
Junda Huang, PI3
Melvin Tan, VC4
Shantanu Raoke, CC, ALB

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Updated 11 Apr 2021