To Change

To Change

So finally i’m here again after missing for two months and start my first project – To Change. Since this is my first session, one fact about myself – I’m from Ipoh. Ipoh is a city in northern Malaysia and it is a food heaven. If you are a foodie and you are happen to Read more about To Change[…]

Dopamine Hormones

Dopamine Married with Serotonin in Brain and They Have A Beautiful Life

Good dopamine evening everyone, Toastmasters President and guests. Today I’m going to speak about a very interesting topic that relates to everyone’s life.I’m going to discuss about a few situations that can relate to everyone’s individuals life.If you can relate then please thumbs up. Have you gone through emotional changes and mood swings as a Read more about Dopamine Married with Serotonin in Brain and They Have A Beautiful Life[…]

Before it hits the market

Before It Hits the Market

[Text auto transcribed from Youtube] believe at some point in your life you must have taken some kind of medication but at the time when you talked the feeling to your mouth have you ever wondered how safe it is how effective it is and what is the kind of development that comes that that Read more about Before It Hits the Market[…]

I Can Be Better

When i joined toastmasters back seven or eight years ago, I joined without knowing what Toastmasters was. All I knew was that it was an interest group for speakers. I remember my first meeting. I was sitting right there and I happened to meet a friend – a friend whom I haven’t met for a Read more about I Can Be Better[…]

BVTMC Getai Show [August 2022 Meeting]

It’s the Seventh Month and what better way to commemorate it than to… transform our meeting room into a Getai Stage! Disco lights, light sticks, and lots of tinsels. What we need now are feathers and lots of glamorous makeup! Getai Show Guests Sharing As usual, we have a segment where all our guests have Read more about BVTMC Getai Show [August 2022 Meeting][…]

How I Ended Up Here

Yep this is me you’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation. I think that my toastmasters journey should begin sometime back in 2015. I was a skinny boy who went to the gym in hopes to put on some healthy weight. And look at my my body now. I think I have Read more about How I Ended Up Here[…]