Anand’s Evaluation on Julia’s Speech

Here’s Anand’s Evaluation on Julia’s Speech on Before It Hits the Market.

Delivered in our August 2022 Meeting.

What an informative speech!

I learned so much about your speech today. There was a very good flow from the start to the end. And i like the way you engaged us as audience, You asked the best questions. You have good slides and very interesting colourful slides when you’re presenting as well.

Now one of the things which I thought was excellent was you were not just stationed here but you actually were moving around. And when you’re delivering, you really look like a subject matter expert. There was not one doubt I think. It’s not like you’re doing this speech as a hobby but you really knew the information so when this topic asks you whether you can present a longer speech in a professional style, I think it did very well.

Anand's Evaluation on Julia's Speech

Now there’s some areas of improvement I’d like to share with you.

One of it, is an introduction about yourself why is this that you are something you are the expert at. So perhaps instead of if say you didn’t have slides to tell what made you, use the Toastmaster of the day to explain your job.

I didn’t get a chance to talk to you during the break but perhaps you could tell us “Yes I’m working in the pharmaceutical line. I do this and that’s why i can speak on this subject.” So tell us up front why you can you are the leader to speak on this subject.

The second point is on the flight. Do also let us know or give us some milestones on what you are going to talk about. I thought it was very informative but what’s the purpose? Why is it good the topic “Bbefore it hits the market”?

Bring this speech to another level. Every speech that we hear in Toastmasters they always try to ingrain into us what is the message. So what is the message that you are you are trying to impart to us? That is okay to go out and get generic pills? Or just accept the fact that a lot of money goes into getting all these pills & medication done which is accepted?

So what is the key point that they like that so just take note on – just make your message stronger, crafted to that point, do be mindful with the introduction, and don’t worry about it you can deliver a 20-minute long speech.

Well done up there!

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