The Happiness Code

The Happiness Code by Nicco Liew Winning speech for BVTMC Chapter Meeting on¬†Thursday, 01 Aug 2019 Pathways Manual, L1P2(A) Evaluation and Feedback First Speech How many of you want to be happy? How many of you are still waiting to feel happy? According to the recent World Happiness Report, Singapore is ranked the 34th happiest Read more about The Happiness Code[…]

Our BVTMC, Our Singapore – August Open Meeting

Happy 54th Birthday Singapore!! So proud of how far we have come! We have accomplished so much in so little time since Sir Stamford Raffles landed on this tiny island in 1819. For this special meeting,¬†BVTMC’s club members have decided to dress in red and white to show our spirit and pride for the country. Read more about Our BVTMC, Our Singapore – August Open Meeting[…]