Julia’s Evaluation on Wing Yan’s Speech

Here’s Julia’s evaluation on Wing Yan’s Speech To Change.

Delivered on our September 2022 meeting.

Good evening everybody. My name is Julia and i’m going to evaluate Wing Yan.

First of all, I think when she started talking, she gave a very joyful and genuine nature and I think this comes across as very welcoming to the audience.

And when you talk about leadership, I think besides having the ability to talk, knowing what you talk about and being very steady when you talk, I think being genuine is another very important factor as well.

I think she has a very good flow in her story or in her presentation. She gave a very brief introduction about herself so if you can recall anybody where’s she from, what does she do, so she gave a very good introduction about the selfie shot and it’s sweet but you can remember.

Her structure is good as well because the way that she links it up – she starts off with a very shy introduction about herself and then she talks about um how she sells products by talking about the the bread and then the best part is she even brought a sample for you to look at. So I think that was a very good way to engage your audience. Just remember to eat it before it expires. I’m never excited it takes two months. I noticed it now it’s two months.

The other thing that i like about your presentation is that you’re very positive. I think you came across as being very driven and positive when you talk about COVID, and then you attended seminars, you go to Facebook pages, you were learning all the time. So it came across as very positive and that’s a very good message to the audience as well.

The title you have is “To Change” so it ties in very nicely with the topic.

Julia's evaluation on Wing Yan's Speech

And we talk about room for improvement.

I think you can move around a little bit more because most of the time you were just standing here. So when you’re talking maybe just move a little bit more. Body language – you can do as you speak like some of the speakers today the way that they use their body to do it to deliver the message. I think this is something they can pick up as well.

Also some of the transitions are a bit too fast. You may be talking about this and all of a sudden you change. Maybe there if there’s a pause in between, then it would help set the stage to let people know you’re transitioning to talking about something else.

The last point – usually when we do a speech you may want to call for action and I think this topic today is a very great opportunity for you to call for action because it’s to change and you have demonstrated yourself. You said that you wanted to improve your public speaking skills – you join Toastmasters. And you have already done it, so you’re like a living example.

You can show it and say you know if you doesn’t think that you want to change, do it now.

Thank you and overall i think it was very good speech.

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