Thomas’ Evaluation on Nidhi’s Speech

Here’s Thomas’ evaluation on Nidhi’s Speech Dopamine Married with Serotonin in Brain and They Have A Beautiful Life

Delivered on our September 2022 meeting.

Nidhi gave us a very enriching lecture on hormones and personally I’m very interested in that because I want to know how i can feel happy all the time, without alcohol.

So here are some excellent points of Nidhi’s speech.

To start off, she asks us questions. You recall right at the start she asked us how many of us felt stressed, how many of us experienced mood swings, how many of us got such temptation to itself.

The powerful thing about asking questions is that it gets the audience thinking, it gets the audience reflecting. And when the audience do that we feel more connected to what she has to say. She’s able to convey across the message more powerfully.

Next, something that Nidhi did very well is using visual aids.

If you look at her visual aid, it’s filled with pictures, animations, infographics and visuals. It makes the presentation more lively, more interesting. But not only that, it gets the audience to constantly refer to the slides so that in case we miss out any of the points, we will not be lost in the sea of content.
And i think Nidhi harnessed the power of visual aid very externally well.

And finally, it was Nidhi’s confidence and conviction. Whether was it the resounding voice, whether was it the firm gestures, whether was it the facial expression, we could all feel the confidence that is exuding from her. And we felt more assured and affirmed by what she has to say.

Thomas' Evaluation on Nidhi's Speech

So now maybe i would like to give you some recommendations so that you and us, we can all learn together

To start off, I felt that the ending was a little bit abrupt. Consider to add in a summary as well as a call to action.

Summary meaning an overview of what you have shared today so that you can reinforce the ideas in us.

And call to action meaning what do you want the audience to take action on right after your speech. Is it to know more about the different hormones? Is it to take up measures so that we can leverage on them? Or is it to share this knowledge with our loved ones? What do you want us to take action on?

next something for you to consider is also to emphasise on the importance of your presentation today.

Why is it so significant to us? How can it be transformational for us?

So perhaps with this knowledge, we know how to make ourselves feel better when we are feeling down, we know how to avoid potential mental illnesses, we know how to strengthen the relationship with our loved ones.

When you emphasise on the importance, you gather our attention even deeper because we want to be transformed by your knowledge as well.

And finally, share with us your personal stories why is this so significant to you.
Perhaps it is some personal encounters? perhaps it’s some low points in your life but through this knowledge through the practice of yoga you are able to harness it, you are able to control the hormones, and you are able to experience the joy of it.

So in summary, I would love to congratulate Nidhi. It is indeed a highly enriching and highly engaging presentation. She used visual aids excellently, actually deliver it with confidence.
Consider including personal stories, transformational journeys, and use the power of the visual even more externally and i’m sure you’ll be a spectacular speaker.

Thank you.

Check out images from our meeting here.

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