Dopamine Married with Serotonin in Brain and They Have A Beautiful Life

Good dopamine evening everyone, Toastmasters President and guests.

Today I’m going to speak about a very interesting topic that relates to everyone’s life.
I’m going to discuss about a few situations that can relate to everyone’s individuals life.
If you can relate then please thumbs up.

Have you gone through emotional changes and mood swings as a teenager and has dealt with a teenager who faced this challenge?

Do you feel hungry when you are stressed out?
And not only hungry, you want to eat chips cakes fast drinks?

Do you feel happy when someone says in the job at home and anywhere, sometimes one single comment just makes your day good?

So what is the cause behind this?

Is it hormone?

So what is hormone?

In simple language, when you don’t know what is going on in the body and no medicine works, doctors will say hormonal balance. It is something hormone that change and you can’t understand.

So basically hormones is this this chemical messenger that brain gives the signal to different parts of the body how to secrete, when to fix.

Let’s understand that uh how the hormone works. You know so basically hormone is a key and the receptor of the cells are the lock. When they perfectly working you can open the lock and the hormone will function.

For example, in our pancreas. Pancreas is the is the just below our chest and is related to digestion system that produce the insulin hormone. This is our insulin hormone. This is the receptor. This works then and the glucose can go into the cell. This is the normal function.

In case that insulin is not sufficient, and in case the receptor cannot come in a fixed section, glucose will remain in the bloodstream. And we know as a diabetes molecules, similarly all the hormones also work like lock and key system.

Dopamine Serotonin

I am going to discuss about a few hormones that we can relate to daily.

For example there are many hormones. But i’m discussing three hormones – happy hormones, teenage and stressful.

So what are happy hormones?
Oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin.

These let’s you know when you have good motivation like someone hugs you, your brain signals to generate this type of happy hormones. You will feel happy.

Stress hormone – You know when you have prolonged stress, what happens?
Brain give a signal to the adrenal gland to produce cortisol.

Why? Because brain feel this is not good situation. Let me fight with this solution.
And that’s the reason body will keep producing cortisol. And cortisol is responsible for increasing your appetite that leads to the brain.

A research in a Harvard Medical Review – one-fourth of Americans feel the stress eat.
Means there is a point on the scale zero to ten – ten is stress zero is a no stress. And they have a eight stress point. You can imagine how much cortisol they have generated!

Now let’s discuss about teenage hormones.

So teenage hormone, the brain gives signal at the age of puberty to generate the testosterone in the male and estrogen in the female.
This hormone is not only responsible for physical growth but it goes beyond that emotional change or social change.

So much frustration, sometimes anxiety, even depression.
So this is something that everyone needs to understand.

You can also relate your teenage life – how you felt at that time.
You know it’s so much overhang you don’t know what’s going on.

So this are a few hormones that we can relate to.

Now i’m going to ask a question and you need to identify true or false.
If it is true and if it is false you can show.

For example – due to stress, because of working on an important presentation I started watching Netflix and binge eating of brownies.
Is it because of lack of seratonin?

A mother wants to discipline her 15 years old girl.
Instead of listening to her mom she just stomps out to meet her friends.

After working out , I feel amazing!
Is it because of insulin?

Oh wow you are an amazing audience and intelligent too!

I think this little understanding of your hormones and that’s the purpose.

Hope you got understanding of hormones and how it impacts our daily lives.

Thank you

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