Stranger Toast Meeting [July 2022]

We had our Stranger Toast Meeting on 7 July 2022 and journeyed into the other dimension….

The Upside Down?

Our usual 2-5 meeting room was transformed into the Upside Down… sans the floating dust particles and the lightning. We’d reckon that the CC would not like us to mess up the place too much!

Club Officer Installation

Area U1 Director Installing the Club Officers

It’s the time of the year again where our old Club Officers step down and a new set of Club Officers take over the reins of steering the club to the awesomeness that we are.

U1 Area Director Shawn, kicked off the Installation ceremony by highlighting the importance of having committed Club Officers, and thanks every one of them who have decided to put their time and effort into growing Buona Vista Toastmasters Club.

Check out our Tiktok Dance introducing our 24th Batch of Club Officers!

Or you can find out who they are right here!

Stranger Toast Guests Sharing

Darren talking about his Stranger Toasts experience

As usual, we have a segment where all our guests have chance to introduce themselves to the rest of the club.

This time, everyone had to share something strange that they had experienced before.

From chilling personal encounters, to straight up hilarious stories, all of them were super open to retell their encounters!

Do you have something that you’d like to share with us? Post them in the comments below!

Project Speeches

Pathways L1P1 Speech by Encey

Our Stranger Toast Project Speech is by our newly minted Club President Encey!

He took us on a walk through memory lane and shared with us his Toastmasters Journey thus far, and how he ended up with Buona Vista Toastmasters Club as our new Club President.

Want to know more about Encey’s speech?

We have it right here!

Project Evaluations

Fangyu Evaluating Encey

To help our speakers learn better, we sometimes have more than one evaluator to give feedback on their project speeches.

For Encey’s speech, we have 2 Evaluators – Fangyu and Clement.

Both evaluators praised Encey on his composure and his confidence while delivering his speech.

Fangyu gave comments about his pace, while Clement gave three Ss to help him improve – (Not) Sidelining, Storytelling and So What.

Do check out Fangyu’s evaluation here. And Clement’s evaluation here.

Table Topics!

Junda, our Table Topics Master

The most fun part about any Toastmasters Meeting would be the Impromptu Speaking Segment – Table Topics!

Our Topicsmaster Junda had a whole list of exciting topics for our speakers, who bravely came up one by one to tackle them.

Many of them were also first time speakers! Congratulations for making the effort of breaking out of your comfort zone!

Stranger Toast Award Winners

We have 2 Best Speakers for Table Topics in this meeting.. congratulations to Darren and Kanages for receiving the most number of votes!

Our Best Table Topics Speakers!

In conclusion, we had a wonderful meeting this July!

Do join us in our future meetings for more wonderful learning and practice in Public Speaking, as we help one another in a fun and supportive environment!

Hit here to RSVP!! 🙂

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