Fangyu’s Evaluation on Encey’s Speech

Here’s Fangyu’s evaluation on Encey’s speech on How I Ended Up Here.
Delivered in our July 2022 meeting.

I will start off by saying things that I find that is good about his speech and then later I’ll follow up with things that I feel that probably have room for improvement. Because after after all everyone, even if they are the club president, might still have areas of the improvement.

So things that are good – I think he’s actually a very seasoned speaker so he’s actually very comfortable. There’s no stage fright and he is confident.

In terms of clarity, it’s quite clear what he was trying to put across. The structure and flow is also good. There is vocal variety, there is eye contact. I also like that his gestures are very natural. Sometimes i feel some gestures some speakers online are a bit over over the top. They try to do too many hand gestures and try to do too many actions which make it a bit not natural.

I remember that there was some vocal variety that he used. When he said that the words “oh i remember toastmasters” he used a different tone which makes his speech more layered and more textured. There is also audience awareness and generally he appears to be very comfortable.

Fangyu's Evaluation on Encey's Speech
Fangyu’s Evaluation on Encey’s Speech

In terms of areas of improvement, I feel that the speed is sometimes a bit slow, so maybe he can speed speed up in some of the areas. Also sometimes there are some pauses, so maybe he forgot some of the words and he needed to spend more time thinking. I feel that to add more depth to the speech, maybe he could share more about his choice in the Toastmasters journey and the difficulties that he faced. That would make the whole structure more concrete and add more depth to the content.

Overall i think it’s actually quite a good speech.

Thank you everyone

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