How I Ended Up Here

Yep this is me you’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.

I think that my toastmasters journey should begin sometime back in 2015. I was a skinny boy who went to the gym in hopes to put on some healthy weight.

And look at my my body now. I think I have a lot of explanation to do. Where have all the dream hours gone?

So at the gym I met an acquaintance who taught me that I had conversations really well with him, and he introduced me to something called Toastmasters. Back then i didn’t really care about Toastmasters. I was not sure why it would be relevant to me at all, so i continued back to the bench to start pumping iron again.

Two years later when i was in the final year of my undergrad studies in SIT, i received an email from SIT Student Life and it was about Toastmasters International having a demo meeting. It was at that time where i thought, “Oh i remember Toastmasters two years ago. I vaguely remember someone at the gym telling me about it. Yet i still didn’t know what was it about because back in time, I didn’t do my research.”

How I Ended Up Here
How I Ended Up Here

So i excitedly pulled one of my best friends to attend this demo meeting. It was at this meeting I met many prolific Toastmasters. I was very excited to know about what all this is about. I sat at a corner and watched people present their projects.

At one point in time they caught us to try something called Table Topics. I couldn’t remember what I was talking about but i delivered one Table Topic and it felt good. The experience helped me structure my thoughts better and deliver it across to an audience.

Not long after together, with 20 other students we decided to create a new club in the University. That is how i got started with Toastmasters.

Throughout the years of being a Toastmaster I felt that i should make the most out of the money that I spent in so at almost every night if I am free I would be visiting another club. I also paid some tickets to attend workshops, contests and over the years I also learned a lot about public speaking, how to structure a club and this brought me to where I am today.

So right now you have caught up with me and this is how i ended up in this situation.

Thank you.

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