~It’s the most wonderful time of the year~

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! It is beginning to look a lot like a wet Christmas here in Singapore as temperatures dip to 23 degree Celsius this year. Christmas is a time to celebrate the joy of giving, spend quality time with family and friends and of course to reflect solemnly and be grateful for the year we had.

We are celebrating a lot of firsts in our December open meeting. Kudos to our first timers Julyka as TMD (first time at BVTMC!), Serena as Timer ⏲️ and May for her first evaluation, certainly deserves a hearty encouragement for taking up their first appointments! We are also very glad to welcome Serena as our newest member in the month of December! 🥳 Looking forward to your first speech ;D



Santa also gave us an early Christmas treat this year as Melvin graced us with a display of his toned arm muscles 😉 (Feel free to stalk our Facebook Page to feast on this treat 😆). We certainly learnt and cleared a lot of misconceptions about dragon boating 🛶 (think Harry Potter in a dragon boat). It was all awe-inspiring! How did you find time to row with all the VPE workload?! 💪🏻

BVTMC Dec Meeting

As usual, we would also like to congratulate our ribbon winners, Melvin (Speech), Wilson (Evaluation) and our guest, Cherelle (Table Topics)🥳🎉 A very special thanks as well to our language evaluator, Terence Nunis and external evaluator, Wilson Ong for taking the time to grace our meeting! Terence shared with us the word of the day, “Tragic” 🎭 (on a bright cheery Christmas meeting) and his tips on improving our use of the English language. We are definitely very glad to be able to learn from him! Thank you to Wilson for sharing his fresh insights into our speeches as well. Looking forward to our next open meeting where we will be sharing more stories, welcoming more new members and celebrating more moments together 😊

Alright, that’s all for now folks! We will also be having our BVTMC INTERNATIONAL SPEECH CONTEST on SAT, 18 JAN 😀 So do stop by, show your support and most importantly SIGN UP for the next step in your Toastmasters Journey~~

Cheers & See you again soon!

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