Cheers to new friends, old friends & New Exco members!!

Ahh July… A very special month marking a very special milestone in Buona Vista Toastmasters Club’s (BVTMC) history.  It is a bitter-sweet moment indeed as we say goodbye to the wonderful 2018-2019 Exco team (Especially Pei Geok and Sandip… all the best in Australia! We will miss you guys..) and welcome the new incoming 2019-2020 Exco team.  But the moment we are all waiting for is also finally here ( Drumroll please…) BVTMC have finally elected and installed our very own new incoming Exco for the year of 2019-2020!! Please welcome our newly elected Exco as listed below:

President: Pee Hai Ning; PM2

Vice President Education 1: Chong Ruey Hua; CC

Vice President Education 2: Melvin Tan; VC2

Vice President Membership 1: Tushar Sinha; ACB, ALB

Vice President Membership 2: Kaelyn Koh

Vice President Public Relations 1: Sarah Yang

Vice President Public Relations 2: Jennifer Lo

Secretary: Zhang Yan Mei

Sergeant-At-Arms 1: Yao Yeh Xiang; CC, ALB

Sergeant-At-Arms 2: Rachael Feng Cui Jing Ya

Sergeant-At-Arms 3: Anthony Jhoni

Chief Mentor: Clement Chio Wei Han; DTM


We wish the new incoming Exco all the best in continuing and growing the BVTMC’s culture and legacy!

This month’s open meeting, we also celebrated an early Happy International Friendship Day to make new friends and celebrate old friends. At BVTMC, we are lucky to have a diverse group of members who come from many different countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, China, India, UK, Canada and the U.S. just to name a few.

July’s Open Meeting Winners of the day were Cuthbert for Best Prepared speech, Qing Lin for Best Evaluator, Valerie for Best table topics and last but not least Nicco for completing her first Icebreaker speech!

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