Our 23rd Birthday!

It’s our 23rd Birthday in 2022 and we celebrated in style during our June Meeting

It’s a different style of meeting and on top of all the party hats, we had a lot of fun!

Here are some highlights:

Ice Breakers – Heads Up!

It’s like reverse charades. A member has to guess a word based on description by everyone else in the audience. Super fun!

23rd Birthday Speeches – PowerPoint Karaoke

Based on this awesome Powerpoint Karaoke format, our speakers had to present a deck of slides they had never seen before.

We had 4 Topics to choose from

  • How to Be A Better Speaker
  • Benefits of Working from Home
  • Chicken Is the Best Meat
  • Living with Social Media

The slides were quite ridiculous but our members managed to pull it off!

Table Topics Battle

Our typical Table Topics Impromptu Speaking segment.

Just that the audience can challenge the speakers if they make a mistake or repeat their points.

Super stressful!

Oh did we mention that we did a Tiktok Dance too?

We had a lot of fun! Join us at our next meeting!

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