A Happy Meal

  A Happy Meal

By Anthony Jhoni

Winning speech for BVTMC Chapter Meeting on Thursday, 03 December 2020

Pathways Manual, L1P2(B)- Evaluation and Feedback


Good evening fellow toastmasters.

What is the first dish that come into your mind
when you are hungry, tired and so thrifty as a college student?

Instant noodle of course,
and for myself not just any noodle –
In particular it is the Indomie mee goreng.

For those who never knew,
make sure you get one of these 

in your nearest grocery store before you are missing out on one of the best things in life.

Mee goreng simply means fried noodles.

Originated in Indonesia. I can describe it as chewy wheat noodle,
seasoned with fried shallot oil,
glazed in the full glory of its sweet  sauce,
giving it the unique tantalizing fragrance …emm..emm..emm

The flavor and fragrance
will leave you wondering how could there be
such a perfect food and yet so simple to make .

Well I’m here to answer just that,
the purpose of my speech today is to teach you
how to cook this wonderful dish, the indo-mie instant noodle,
a dish that will surely satisfy your little heart.


Take your pot/sauce pan, personally I like the sauce pan
because of the special feature – 

the single handle –
this provides a convenient way
as you can single handedly pour the boiling water
by yourself while holding the strainer on the other hand.
Hmm, so independent, so grown up, so good,  

your parents, girlfriend/boyfriend or even your pet dog 

will be so proud of you.
Now you can cook yourself a meal whenever you want.

So get a saucepan, it only costs less than 20 dollars
and gives you so much valuable lesson in life

 just like signing up for Buona Vista Toastmaster.

Next,  pour 500ml liters of plain water or
for the more scientifically inclined crowd here tonight-
and aren’t too sure what water looks/tastes like.
It is called H2O in the chemistry field.
We address it as water too,
and no I don’t mean H2O2.
given my just passing chemistry grade, h20 and h202 are different thing

after you pour the water… turn up the heat,
let the burners lit and don’t forget to close the lid.

That’s all for now, while waiting for the water to boil
let’s check out on the generous amount of
flavorful seasonings that have been packed in for us.

Dig into the packet, next noticeable thing,
beside the noodle – are the two packets,
the first one is the seasoning and for
an extra punch of spiciness you are given the option
of chili powder on the other half…oooo,
don’t sweat it and add generously as you wish to your tolerable level.

The next packet is the heart of the dish,
here lies the secret to its deliciousness,
the fried shallot oil and the sweet sauce
and more chili sauce –
which will flavor your noodle perfectly
in the goodness of uniquely Indonesian mee goreng .

****For your knowledge, 

the sweet sauce is originated in Indonesia, 

which has a darker color, 

a viscous syrupy consistency due to generous addition of palm sugar.

Oh look I’ve been talking too much, the water has boiled.
Quickly open up and pour those 2 packets on the serving plate,
and stir it up real good to mix the ingredients,
We still have our noodles waiting to be cooked.

Now fellow toastmasters..we have learnt from the science class,
that metal has high heat conductivity –
so be extra careful when you touch it later on,
and also when you remove the lid draw it towards yourself
so the escaping steam will not scald your hand.

Let the noodle cook, close back the lid and 

let it sit for a good 2 to 3 minutes.
You know it is ready when the texture lie 

between thicker chewier side
when compared to pasta,
and also it shouldn’t be al-dente, this is not spaghetti – it’s Asian noodle.

Now and then, check your timer and taste your noodle as well,
once it’s all good,
take your colander or strainer and sieve the water out.

There you go, the very last step.
This will not be a rocket science I promise,

 but also the most important one.
Remember to mix the noodle well 

so the seasoning is applied thoroughly.
You wouldn’t want taste imbalance on one side 

that is salty while the side is bland.

There you have it, a straight-forward,
simple and scrumptious meal.
A slice of uniquely Indonesian food at the comfort of your own home.

A dish that will surely please just about everyone in the family,
to the foodies and even to the pickiest eater,
the food that will leave a perfect after taste in your senses,
a lip-smacking dish indeed.

and if you are health conscious, I have some good news.

 Do remember that everything is fine in moderation 

and Indomie mee goreng is definitely a dish worth dying for.

In conclusion, if there’s one take away. 

Hopefully I have fulfilled my purpose of sharing my simple method of cooking magie mee tonight.


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