Jul 04


Speaker: Clement Chio

Good evening Club President, District Officers, Fellow Toastmasters & Guests.

Today, my name is Zoukie. Zuki, in Japanese, means good.
I would like to think I’m named this way because I’m a good puppy.
But it turns out that I’m named after this place which my owner used to frequent.
This place called Zouk. Is it a popular place among you humans?
Well, maybe I’d be a very popular dog in future too!

People look at me and the first thing they’d ask is how old I am.
Well, I just celebrated my 10 month old birthday one week ago!
Hey, you humans may think a 10-month old puppy is still a little baby, but I’m telling you, that in doggie years, I’m about 6 years old already!
I’m a big boy now – I know where to pee, I know how to eat adult dog food, and most importantly I know where the humans keep their bedroom slippers.

Oh the bedroom slippers! Unrolling the never ending toilet roll! Pulling out strings off the living room carpet! Shedding the newspapers & mail into pieces!
These are things I absolutely LOVE to do in the house.
But somehow, these are also things that get the humans really angry and I’d end up being locked in the cage for ah hour or so.

Although sometimes I don’t understand humans, I LOVE THEM.
Not just the family that I live with, I LOVE ALL HUMANS.
Whenever guests visit the home, I’d be the first to run to the main door and greet them.
And I just can’t wait to sniff their toes, pull out their socks, lick their legs, jump on them and smother their faces with my saliva.
Oooh, in fact, if not for the fact I’m giving my speech now I’d be jumping all over each and every one of you licking all your faces right now!

I love to play. Everything in the house can be a toy. But let me tell you who my nemesis is:
The Vacuum Cleaner.
Oh the vacuum cleaner is the most evil thing ever I tell you.Why must it make such loud terrifying noises every time it appears?
Why must it always get in my way whenever I’m running around the house?
And you know what’s the worst thing about the vacuum cleaner?
I really hate it when the vacuum cleaner appears. I’d make sure I’d scratch it, and BITE it whenever I get near it.

The humans seem to be on the side of my nemesis though. Always pushing me away whenever I launch my attacks.
Sometimes I’d be locked in the room while I hear the monster parading through MY territory.
That makes me even ANGRIER!

But I know I’d be let out of the locked room again once the vacuum cleaner goes back into hiding.
And life will be back to normal.
What makes me really sad is, when the humans go out, and I have to stay in the room all by myself for many many hours.
Do you know how heartbreaking that is? To see them walk out of the main door and I can’t join them?
Sometimes I’d whine. Sometimes I’d tear a little. But everytime, I’d be staying in the room right behind the fence waiting for them to come back.
It’s really boring being alone. I have a lot of toys around me but I’d really have no mood to play with ANY of them.
I’d just sleep, sleep and sleep my day away.

It’s ok if the weather is good outside. At least, I can still hear the birds chirping outside.
Whenever I’m left alone, I’m always secretly hoping that the weather remains good.
Because, when the room turns dark way before night time, I know that I’m in for a unnerving time ahead.
The room will turn chilly, my hair will tingle and weird sensation willl run through my little spine.
And when I finally hear raindrops outside the window in the cold, dark room, I know I can’t save myself from what will most definitely come:

Thunder – it’s extremely terrifying!
It’s terrifying because it’s like this huge monster that’s trying to get me.
It’s not a small monster like the vacuum cleaner. This is definitely a HUGE one. So huge I can’t see it. I don’t know where it’s coming from. But i can feel it. And I can only hide from it.
And that’s when I’d cower in my little kennel within the room, waiting for the Thunder monster to just, go away.

The longest I’ve ever been at home alone was 12 hours. No matter how long, I’d always keep my faith that the humans will be back.
And they ALWAYS do come back.
I’d be jumping for joy everytime they come home again.
Also because, every time they leave me alone for a long time, they’d make it up to me by bring me out for a walk!

You cannot imagine how happy I am whenever Clement brings out the collar and the leash.
I just can’t wait to get out of the house. Oh the smell of fresh air, fresh grass, fresh pee from other fellow canines on the trees.
Oh yes, I’d make sure I’d erase their scent by replacing it with MY pee.
If there’s no one around, sometimes I’d be unleashed and I can run, RUN LIKE THE WIND along the streets.
I have to say, although it’s only a half hour walk, those half hours are the BEST half hours in my entire life!

It’s been only 7 months with Clement and his family so far, but I’m really enjoying it.
I’ve shared with you what I love, what riles me up, what makes me sad, and what makes me really happy.
Come visit me some day. Carry me, cuddle me and let me lick all of you.

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Just search for Zoukieee and I’d share my many future adventures with you.

Thank you, humans, for listening to me.

I love you all!

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