Toastmasters International is the world leader in helping people become more competent and comfortable in front of an audience. The nonprofit organization with over 262,000 members in 12,250 clubs in 106 countries offers a proven – and enjoyable! – way to practice and hone communication and leadership skills.

Toastmasters International gives you the opportunity to develop your communication and leadership skills within a supportive environment of like-minded people. More-experienced speakers and leaders are role models demonstrating the fundamentals of verbal communication.

The Mission of the Toastmasters Club

There is no instructor; instead, each speech and meeting is critiqued by a member in a positive manner, focusing on what was done right and what could be improved. As a member, you practice and improve your skills by following the assignments in the Communication and Leadership manuals. You get to practice your skills in a wide variety of roles: as a meeting participant, as a speaker, as a club officer and as a leader at some of the different levels necessary for an international organization.

Through practice within the “laboratory of communication” clubs provide, you’ll gain confidence in your abilities in delivering prepared presentations, speaking “on your feet,” using visual aids and body language, effective listening, and passing what you learn on to others. The educational material has been rigorously and professionally prepared, used by hundreds of thousands of men and women over the past decades, and improved based on their feedback.


Introduction to Toastmasters

Members are the heart of Toastmasters International and they love to share their stories. Many members go on to become leaders within the organization, selflessly volunteering their time to help others develop the communication and leadership skills which proved indispensible to them. Personal, honest and heartfelt, these testimonials from club leaders, district governors, brand ambassadors …

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Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Toastmasters International is the leading movement devoted to making effective oral communication a worldwide reality. Through its member clubs, Toastmasters International helps men and women learn the arts of speaking, listening, and thinking – vital skills that promote self-actualization, enhance leadership potential, foster human understanding, and contribute to the betterment of mankind. It is …

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Map of Service to Members

Toastmasters International Organization Chart

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A Toastmaster’s Promise

As a member of Toastmasters International and my club, I promise… To attend club meetings regularly To prepare all of my speech and leadership projects to the best of my ability, basing them on projects in the Competent Communication, Advanced Communication Series or Competent Leadership manuals To prepare for and fulfill meeting assignments To provide …

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