May 19

The BIG question in LIFE

Speaker : Terry Teza


Terry Contest 2015Once upon the time, there was a wise holy man. He was famous for giving the One answer irregardless of whatever question was asked.

The question could be: –

“Will I will pass my exam?” Or

Will I find my life partner soon?” Or

  Will my business be successful?


Whatever… the questions may be, his only answer was…



Contest-chair, Honorable Judges, fellow toastmasters and guests,


All of us were born into this world with a BIG question mark (?) in our hearts. That is …



This question is called ‘primary’ question in our lives and all other questions are just secondary!


A young girl asked her mother,

“ Mummy, Mummy how do I came into this world?

“ Of course, Mummy gave birth to you into this world”, the mother replied

“ Then, how do you know my name” the girl asked again.

“ Hmm…” (The mother didn’t know how to answer)


Ladies and Gentlemen, we are often confused between ‘our names’ and ‘ourselves”.

We all have names but our names doesn’t tell us “who we really are” because they were just given to us.


The truth is…

We don’t know who we are.

We don’t know where we came from.

We don’t know where we are going.


Therefore, the big question, “Who am I?”  become critical for us.

It is an “existential” question.

It is a “spiritual” question.

It is a beginning of our ‘inner search’ and our spiritual development.


Once, I watched a video titled “ Masters from Himalaya…”. In it, an India old man with thick sliver hair and beard who really look like a ‘Guru’ said that He came from Himalaya to America. Many American asked him why he came to America instead of meditating in the Himalaya’s Cave in peace.


He replied “ We need to came to the modern world because there is an imbalance between material development and spiritual development in the world. Due to relentless pursuit of material development, such as destroying of rain forest by MNC, out of greed, our world is leading toward the direction of ‘destruction’ by global warming and natural disasters and more. We come from Himalaya into this material world to teach ‘spiritual development’ to balance the lacking in the spiritual progress.


In the old days, seeker who wish to know the reality of themselves, need to look for a master in the remote mountain or places. Nowadays, the situation that we are facing in our modern society is so desperate that the masters are coming into our society to teach us.


Since the development of science and technology, more and more people become materialistic and neglected their spiritual development.


One’s typical life may go this way,

First you want a job,

And then you want a car,

Then you want a house.

Then, you look at your neighbor’s house, (which is bigger).

So, you want a bigger car,

A bigger house and

More money in our bank etc.

Then, one fine day,

When you have most of the material things we desired,

Suddenly you realized that

You are still empty inside and

You are not really happy!!!

This is called “mid-life crisis”.


I wish that all my friends know the importance of spiritual development as early as possible.

Not only when you reach your middle age.


There is also another problem in modern society. Many people, who like to be called scientific-minded, became a “Free Thinker ” and ignore their spiritual development.


Ladies and Gentlemen, even though, we may call ourselves “Free Thinker” but it doesn’t means ‘we are free’.

We can think freely this and that and whatever we want but

We are still not free from our own “thinking”.

We are still confined by our own concepts and ideas and

We are not yet gone beyond them.


Regardless of which religion we belong to, most of us have forgotten the ‘true essence’ of our own religion and became nominal or traditional so-called followers of our own faith.



We are now at the crossroad junction.

It is time for us to have a balance in our material progress and our spiritual progress.

It is time for us to go back to our ‘root’ of our faith

It is time for us to become ‘real’ practitioners of our faith.

It is time for us to find who we are.

It is time for us to ask the BIG question in LIFE.


Now, Ladies and Gentlemen


If you ask me “Who am I?”…


Do you know what will be my answer?



Back to you Contest-chair.


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