Jan 26

Soap and Tampons

Speaker: Clement Chio


Soap and.. tampons! Did Clement make you laugh with his Humorous Speech? Good evening Club President, District Officers, Fellow Toastmasters & Guests.

Recently, I happened to be in back in my old neighbourhood and decided to pop by the mini-mart to visit.
To my surprise, I noticed the two display windows were jammed full of soap bars.

As I stepped into the mini-mart, I also saw that the shelf behind the familiar shopkeeper was stacked with soap.

“Gosh! That’s a lot of soap you have there!” I remarked to the shopkeeper.

“You think so? Let me show you something.”

He brought me to the back alley and there, were cartons after cartons of soap stacked high up against the wall.

“I have never seen so much soap in my life before!”

“Come, come with me.”

He brought me back into the mini-mart, and cautiously opened the storeroom door.
Guess what I saw?
Yes, the storeroom was jam packed with soap from the floor all the way to the roof!

“Wow. You must really sell a lot of soap ya?”

“No, I don’t actually.
But the guy who sold it to me… oh boy he’s one guy that COULD REALLY sell soap!!”

Well, fellow toastmasters, I may have exaggerated a little of the amount of soap this guy really has, but it just highlights the wonders of the profession I’m in – Sales.

Whenever I tell people I’m in Sales it almost feels like they are all ready to shun me.
Sales people are sweet-talkers, liars, conmen, evil, the reason why the wife is spending so much money!

But then again,
If you are also in sales, you know that it is sales that drives the business world.
It is sales that cheat, I mean, earn money for companies.
It is sales that’s why you have all the useless stuff in your house that you don’t need.

As they say, there are 2 ways to save a dying business – you either improve the quality of products and services, or hire some really great sales people.

Most importantly, sales is one of the most essential skills that anyone can ever master.
Every day, whether you are in sales or not, you are selling something, or at least an idea.
Just now, you may be attempting to sell your boss to adopt your ideas you’ve been working on.
Right now, we’re selling you the a wonderful public speaking improvement platform, called Toastmasters.

So, what differentiates the sucessful sales professional from the unethical sales people everyone shuns?

Sales Professionals sell benefits not features

Let’s say you want your boss to adopt your idea of sponsoring the Toastmasters membership fees for all your colleagues.
He’s not going to be motivated by the structured education track that Toastmasters offers. Table Topics mean nothing to him.

But is he ready for the productivity boost, when he has a whole company of staff that all can communicate effectively?
Can he envision having employees who all can deliver powerful presentations?
Isn’t it exciting, to have all meetings reduced to efficient 5-7 minute segments?

Benefits always give a client far greater motivation to take action rather than features.

Of course, when this happens you’d prepared for an overly zealously polite work environment where everytime a person lets another talk,
there is a compelling need to.. shake hands.

So let me share with you a story about this amazing Sales Professional who sold benefits instead of features.

When he was a young in his career, he went out looking for a sales job.
He walked into a department store that sells literally EVERYTHING under one roof.

Well, the first day on the job was rough. There was lots to learn. But he managed to get by.
At the end of the day, the manager came down.

“So, how many customers bought from you today?”

The young man replied confidently, “One.”

“Just one? Our sales people manage 20 to 30 people a day! How much was the sale for?”

“$183,809 Sir.”

“$183,809?? What did you sell?”

“Well, first I sold him a set of golf balls for $10. Then I told him that this set of Graphite/Steel golf clubs will work very well with these balls, so he took them for $999. I showed him our Kuala Lumpur City Golf promotion for $700 all in and he signed up too. And I reminded him that it’s no fun golfing alone so he called 3 of his other friends to sign up. There was a problem though – none of them drove. So I sold him the Honda Accord for $180,000 with COE.”

The manager said, “A guy came in here to buy golf balls and you sold him 4 GOLF PACKAGES and a CAR?”

“Well no, he came in to buy Tampons for his wife.
I said Dude, you’re not getting sex this weekend. You should go golfing.”

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