Apr 14

Shall We Dance

Speaker: Terry Teza



How many of you are married already? How people make their wedding special?

My Fiancée and I were discussing how to make our wedding special.

Shall we dance? I jokingly said.

We can do Indian Dance? No.

Burmese Dance? No.

Or Ballroom dance?

She excitedly said, ‘Yes!’.

Good evening Toastmaster of Evening, District officers, Ladies and Gentlemen.

My girlfriend started suggesting where we can learn private dance lesson.

I was laughing loudly taking it as joke till …I received SMS the next day the list of Dancing Studios to call and enquiry. She wondered why it took so long to answer her SMS. Actually, I was having cold feet. Reluctantly, I agreed because I did not want to disappoint her.


Dancing Lessons and Practices

1st Lesson – Very difficult- We practiced steps ‘1-2-3’, ‘2-2-3’ on our own separately. I did very badly, could not remember the steps.

2nd Lesson – Very stressed – teacher was not very happy. I did not practice at home. When we started dancing together but I could not remember steps, direction and turns – and kept stepping on teacher’s toe or whoever’s feet came in front mine.


Turning point

After the lesson, I shared my worst Fear to my girlfriend. That was making a fool out of myself on the stage in front of my relatives and friends. She said, “It is Ok, If you feel that we are not up to it, you can pull out any time”. We would keep this as a secret between two of us. No one will notice what was missing. I felt very much relieved to know that I could pull out any time.

We continued to practice at Basket Ball court, we still could not synchronize but we had tried very hard.

3rd Lesson – Teacher asked us to choose song to Dance. We choose ‘Endless Love’.

I liked the tune of song very much and I was in the mood for dance. My Hips were start swinging with the music. Teacher praised that I got the music sense.


Dance practice in secret 

  1. Living Room – Played Music in Living Room but just before we dance, the whole family come back, our big secret, was almost out of the bag.
  2. Void deck – We change strategy. I record the ‘Endless Love’ music in my Handphone. And we went to nearby void deck. My fiancée was a shy girl. When we saw an old man sitting and talking on hand phone, she wanted to avoid the void deck.

We practiced at the dim corner of the building HDB in very narrow space, just beside drainage. We were very alert because afraid to fall into the drain. After we finished the dance. Old man suddenly jumped out, “Hey! You are ballroom dancing! and told us that he was ballroom dancer and gave us a few tips.

Last Lesson: Dance teacher taught us how to enter to dance floor, dance and end the dance. She seriously warned us “Do not dance on the stage” because she was concern that lack of space and we will trip and fall from the stage”. She added even the professional ballroom dancers dances on the big hall, not on a small stage.


Big Day and Big Secrete:

My younger Sis was the Master of Ceremony and was informed about the big secret just before the program started. I told everyone that there would be a surprise item but everyone thought that the surprise item was the recitation of Love poem I wrote for my wife. I did recite the love poem but the real surprise came after that.

“Now Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to celebrate my love with my wife” saying that I came down from the stage slowly toward my wife and took off my Coat in slow motion Like Andy Lau and stretched out my hand to her.

My wife was looking down and I thought she was shy but she was actually having a cold feet thinking “Is this real?”. Ironically, I was feeling the opposite. I was on a happy feet.

My Mum thought “What is my son trying to do? Is he feeling hot?”

My Cousins thought “ Oh No, What is he up to this time?

My Bro thought “He is going to surprise us again???”

I signaled to DJ (winking to him) to play the ‘Endless Love’ music.

OMG! To my surprise, there is no space for daning on the floor, we had no choice but to dance on a very small stage. Luckily, we had practised at the narrow corner of void deck. That experience kept us alert of the edges and from falling off the stage. We were so worried forgetting the steps, we kept counting “1-2-3..2-2-3…” smilingly, pretending to look like we were chitchatting happily while dancing.

Finally the music come to a stop.. and the dance was over. Loud applause roared across the ballroom and everyone was delighted. Yes! We had done it! Mission Accomplish!


Celebration of Love

One of my Aunties could not believe that I knew Ballroom dancing and asked

“What have transformed you?”.

“It is the power of love” , I replied.


It was a most unforgettable dance of my life as man and wife to celebrate the Journey of our endless love!

While coming down from the stage, my wife turned around and asked me.

“Shall we dance, again?”

Oh dear, Not again!



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