Apr 17

Results or Growth?

Speaker: Clement Chio


It’s all over the news. In the past week, the parliament debated extensively about various policies that aims to shift cultures and change mindsets about being obsessed with a degree.

It may be late for our policy makers to realise this, but our meritocratic result-driven landscape is actually detrimental to society as well us us as individuals.

Being result-oriented, we often view goals as end points.


And after reaching the goal, we run the risk of being satisfied with our results and stagnates for a long while.

On the other hand, if we never get the result we want even for reasons beyond our control, what happens? We will never be satisfied.

If you only see yourself as a humourous speaker or an effective evaluator only after winning the contests on a Division or District level, what happens after you win?

If you don’t, you are going to attempt again year after year after year.

But does that mean you are cannot make people laugh?

Does that mean you are a lousy evaluator?


Ladies & gentlemen, let’s move away from pinning all our focus and attention on results.

It’s time we take titles, qualifications and accomplishments less seriously.

Let’s take away limiting beliefs by being rigidly fixated on outcome and consequence.


So, instead of being results-oriented, what should we focus on?

Should we be process-oriented instead, to focus on the process, to enjoy the smell of flowers enroute, to admire the scenery, instead of getting where we want to go?


Results don’t define us, neither should processes limit us.

Let’s move away from being results-oriented, not get too absorbed into being process-oriented, but embrace a new way of achieving our goals –

Let’s all, be Growth Oriented.


Being Growth Orientated deals with Goals in a different way:

Our goals, now, will be ever growing, in an incremental, measurable and achievable manner.

I this way, we will neither be stagnated while moving towards our goal or even when we’ve reached our goal.


In a way, it forces us, to keep growing.

More importantly, being Growth Oriented is more than just an external motivation.

It is a personal quest to self actualisation or making ourselves better, growing in skills, reaching new heights in what we do.


And there are 2, just 2 simple steps to change from being results oriented, or process oriented, to Growth Oriented:

Firstly, we have to constantly remind ourselves to step outside our comfort zone.

And this is something we have to repeatedly strive for.

Whenever we start to get butterflies in our stomachs, is when we have to stop and examine our heads:

Do we sit on the sidelines, and let the butterflies fly away naturally,

Or do we take a risk and grow gain a growing experience.

Such things are easy to say, but the truth is, opportunities to step outside the comfort zone arise everywhere, the question is: Do we want to travel the road less travelled?

For example, this speech could easily be evaluated using the tried and tested techniques and “scripts”, which may easily win you the Best Evaluator trophy.

Or do you want to push your creative limits, to evaluate this speech from an entirely different angle.

Well, it can go both ways. It could wow audience and score every point in the judges ballot sheet.

It could also backfire and cause you the glory of winning.

Which path will you embrace – Results, or Growth?


Secondly, we have to be constantly excited about where we can go.

It’s easy to look at a though problem we don’t understand and be discouraged about not having the solution right away.

Perhaps we don’t have the skills to solve it right now but what we really need, is to visualise and be excited about conquering it.

Instead of telling ourselves “I’m not talented enough to solve the problem”

We should think to ourselves “After I put my time and effort to figure this one out, think of all the skills I’d acquire for next time!”

Instead of tell yourself “Wa this crazy test speaker, I already prepared my evaluation how to evaluate him differently.”

Tell yourselves “This is exciting. In the next 5 minutes, I’m going to evaluate this bugger standing here in a way no Toastmaster has heard before, and I can use this skill to in the Divsion and District Contest!”

What thoughts will you embrace – the usual routine Process, or Growth?


But ladies & gentlemen, I truly understand that unhinging from Results and focusing on Growth instead is easier said than done.

Since young, we have all been programmed to value the end result.

Winners are put on a pedestal and glorified while losers fade into anonymity and darkness.

This meritocratic society of ours stretches the divide between those who can achieve tangible results, and neglects those who grow in other ways.


I’m not saying that a mindset change is going to be easy.

I’m saying that this change, is going to be worth it.

Embracing growth keeps our eyes on the horizon, while teaching us to be thankful for today and be excited about tomorrow.

Embracing growth pushes us to battle the challenges of today to equip us with the skills for many tomorrows.

Embracing growth welcomes risk, celebrates failure, collects lessons and believes in the eventual success.


At the end, ladies and gentlemen, it will be all OK.

If it’s not’s OK, it’s not the end.

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