Sep 06


Speaker: Phoebe Yaw


Phoebe and her very first speech with us. Awesome job!‘OH NO! That’s a cool hair style… Oh NO!!. …No camera, please..’’

A very good evening to Madame/Mr. Toastmaster, President, Fellow Members and Honored Guest. I’m Phoebe Yaw. Most of the time when I introduce myself as “Phoebe”, people will think of  another Phoebe, a fictional character in the series of Friends.

Oh No..’ is the signature catch phrase from Phoebe Buffay portrayed by Lisa Kudrow.


I’m the Phoebe that is from Malaysia, a country that is rich in difference nature resources. The place that I was born is surrounded by limestone caves. Famous for its white coffee – >OLD TOWN, bean sprouts chicken, Sar Hor Fun, Salted chicken, Dim Sum..etc. Guess where is it? Yes, is Ipoh. I came from a lovely family that has 6 family members including my parents, elder sister, two brothers and me. My father is partially retired and he taught me a lot, especially philosophies on life. My mother is a very sweet and friendly lady. She can cook healthy and yet delicious dishes for us. Sometimes, we think that her cooking is even better that those famous restaurants. My elder sister, who just married this year and she used to be my roommate at home. Currently she has her own house and leaving the room for me alone, I really missed the time we had particularly our pillow talk. For elder brother, he likes to exercise and often visit the gym. I can see the power of determination from him on how he able to turn the fats in the body into muscle. On the other hand, my younger brother. He is very tall compared to his other friends and this is also the difference within my father. As I‘m away from home, he is my mum good assistance by helping out with some house chores.

I work in IT industry and in charge of Business Intelligence system. Basically, Business Intelligence or also known as ‘BI’ is more than a reporting tool. It can analyze the enterprise or institution performance no matter in profitable or non-profitable sector. Its involve technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing, and interpreting data to help enterprise users make better business decisions. Better business decision means assisting the business users or the senior management by providing information that needed at the right time, at the right place so that they are able to plan or improve their business accordingly. I enjoy working in this field because I can have exposure to both business and technical.

During weekends, I will go for some sport activities such as swimming, play badminton or jogging in the park. I like jogging in the park especially early in the morning where the air is fresh and cool therefore it soothes my skin and lungs.  Besides, the morning sunshine is feeling warm but not hot. Badminton is another challenging sport activity that I like which you need to think quickly and move fast. Above all, the most important reason that keeping me going  for sports is to remove excess nutrition particular in fats. In the meantime, I am a part time volunteer from a non-profit organization. The latest event that I have involved is blood donation on past Saturday at Jurong Medical Centre. This blood donation is held on the last Saturday of every 3 months. (I can provide you further details later if needed). We have our own free clinic to support those have financial problem. We also involve in various types of charity including home visits, international relief and etc. I like classical music therefore I play violin during my spare time. I’m not a professional violinist but I play with passion.


In each of our lives we all come to play many roles. Like me, I’m a daughter, a sister, a volunteer, a student, an employee and also a toastmaster member. I’m very grateful about who I am today and what I have or what I don’t although sometimes life turns upsidedown.

‘Oh No! Have I exceed the time?…’

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