Apr 21


Speaker: Pei Geok


Pei Geok P1Good evening, fellow toastmasters and distinguished guests. Today I am starting on my maiden project, the icebreaker speech. I am sure most of you would have gone for interviews and the very first question the interviewer likes to ask is: Tell me something about yourself. So I would like to share something about myself: which is my magical powers of high pain resistance. I have been drilled thoroughly by my master: pain throughout the years. Let me share some stories with you and you can gauge for yourself.

The first incident happened when I was just a mere 5-6 years old. My sister then was only a few months old and like all newborns, she only drank milk, slept, cried and pooed. I remembered I was wearing my favourite pink dress that fateful day when my sister urinated into the floor and I was tasked by my mum to bring over a rag to wipe up the mess. So I ran with the wet cloth underneath my feet to the kitchen, wanting to dispose it as soon as possible. I didn’t get my wish granted, in fact I slipped just as I was about to reach the kitchen and knocked my head against the pillar. After the knock, I was like dazed and stunned while the blood from the open wound trickled down my face onto my pink dress. My mum brought me to a nearby clinic hoping the doctor there can stitch me up. I think I was really out of luck that day. It was raining cats and dogs when we had to brave the rain to the clinic. The wound was too deep for the doctor to do his magic and we went to the hospital instead. The doctor there stitched up my wound without giving me any anaesthesia or injection to knock me up. Throughout the whole stitching process I was wide awake and had to pinch my face up whenever the needle poked through my skin. The doctor even praised me for being a good girl throughout the whole stitching process for I did not fidget at all nor cry.

Part two of my training was on bicycle. My bike incident happened during night cycling at Paya Lebar MRT. My front wheel just couldn’t go up a curb and I was the only one unable to do so! I magically fell forward and landed on my face. I remembered that stunned feeling again: that momentary feeling when you couldn’t feel or realise anything, it was like your brain just stops functioning then. My mouth felt numbed and I couldn’t close my mouth properly. My friend spoke in a hushed voice that there was blood all over my mouth and that my front tooth was chipped. So to the hospital again where the dentist tried to glue back the chip but the chip itself was also chipped and I had to take a tooth filling instead. You know the Christmas carol: All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. So please appreciate your two front teeth.

The previous incident about my front tooth trained me well. I had to remove my wisdom teeth because they were growing out horizontally and was causing a gap between my molar and the wisdom teeth. Food always got stuck there and soon decay set in. I had to go through surgery to remove the teeth because they could not be extracted as they were growing horizontally. The surgeon asked me if I wanted to do one side only or do both sides. She told me that she could remove all 4 and the process would only take 15 – 30 minutes more. I was doing my final year project experiments and couldn’t afford to go twice if I were to remove one side first. Oh yah, I was awake during the whole procedure. Going for general anaesthesia may have side effects so I chose the fully awake option. I could feel hear and feel the surgeon cutting my gums open, knocking my wisdom teeth with her hammer into smaller pieces, removing the chopped teeth and then sewing the gums back. For those who had such an operation before would know the pain. I was tearing in pain when I reached home because I took my painkillers too late. Actually I am quite a stubborn one too. Because when I did my braces I had to remove five teeth and I chose to remove all five at one go. My reasoning was I didn’t want to sit through the whole process of waiting, the dentist giving me the injection to numb the area and then have the dentist try to loosen my teeth again. Being a practical person, removing all at one go is the correct choice.

Having heard the above four pain resistant stories, you all will probably agree that this girl truly has high pain tolerance or is crazy! Now that you know, please do not ask me if something is painful. You know my answer will probably be skewed. With that, I end my speech. Thank you.

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