Feb 15

NLP To Success

Speaker: Eric Ko

Eric on 'NLP to Success'Definition

Neurology– the science of how the brain processes information. Neurons are non-other than brain cells. In an average, a human would have 96 billion neurons

Neuro – can be eaten?

Linguistics– the words, images and patterns that feed into our brain. What do you say to yourself every morning as you wake up? They either impede or boost successes.

Programming– the behaviours and achievements that we act out and realize based on our specific interpretation of visual and spoken sensory input (linguistics). The language that we speak forms our habits.

* clasp hand exercise.  – Right thumb on top, like to control people, vice versa. Habits then lead to the outcome of our doings.

Knowing what NLP is in brief, I would like to explore more on how NLP helps in building your successes.

  1. Re-creating your internal maps
    • Visual images that play in our mind, words and other sensory input work together to create our own internal map (where we call this PROGRAMMING).
    • This map dictates how we see the world, how we respond to information, our level of motivation and how we deal with setbacks and adversity in life. As all these are controlled by our internal map, changing that program can change the outcomes. Success is then achievable.


  1. Modelling after successful thought patterns
    • to be successful, we need to model successful people
    • Part of changing our behaviour and actually achieving our goals is to examine not just the outcomes of highly successful people, but really understand and model their thought patterns.
    • It also involves trying on their belief systems and adopting their patterns and work ethic.
    • NLP is all about observing these factors and replicating them to create a repeatable outcome. It can be hard to set aside our habits and preconceived notions, but the people most successful with NLP immerse themselves in the patterns of excellence of those they admire.

Then once they are able to replicate their success, they reintroduce some of their own beliefs and patterns- but only if they serve them and allow them to maintain their current state of success.



  1. Adopting positive language
    • NLP recognizes that certain words and language patterns restrict success and that replacing them with more positive verbiage, we can shift perception, expand thinking and bring new solutions to the fore.
    • To facilitate this, all affirmations, goal setting and check-ins are done in the positive tense.  The focus is on what you want to achieve and how it will positively impact us – not on what we want to get rid of, or what’s not working well.
    • The goal is to rewire our mind to see the positive outcome we desire as a foregone conclusion and begin to sift our sensory input through filters that actually aid in the realization of our goals.
    • New mental connections are made, fear is hence reduced and success seems much easier because our subconscious is busy making connections and presenting ideas to help us succeed-sweet.



As you can see, Neuro-linguistic programming is so much more than repeating affirmations or creating a vision board. It is a calculated and multi-disciplinary method for behaviour modification and goals attainment- and what I’ve shared only scratches the surface.

There’s good reason that the most successful people in the world rave about NLP. It’s time for you to harness its power as well.


(Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity – Seneca).

I hope all you will prepare (equip) yourself with a powerful tool like NLP and create your own opportunities in life.

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