May 05

My Bachelorette party in KL

Speaker: Pei Geok


Pei Geok P3

Good evening, Club President, distinguished guests and fellow toastmasters. My name is Pei Geok and I would be doing project 3: Get to the Point. Today I will be talking about my Bachelorette party which happened in KL a few weeks ago and identify a few elements of a bachelor/ bachelorette party according to my own experience. Sounds INTERESTING? First of all, let me ask everyone. How many of you are no longer a bachelor/ bachelorette? How many of you (those who put up your hands earlier) had a bachelor/ bachelorette party? Lastly, how many of you threw a bachelor/ bachelorette party for your friends before? Ah that note of these people, beware of them.

It has been a yearly tradition for us to celebrate Christmas or New Year together, usually in Malaysia because it is the cheapest and easiest overseas trip to organise. Good exchange rate and you can easily drive or take bus to the Woodlands checkpoint and viola you are in Malaysia. We decided to have our yearly party this time in KL with an additional agenda: bachelor/ bachelorette party for my friend and I who are getting married next year but not to each other of course! We departed for KL on 19 Dec Fri night. Well only 3 of us flew to KL while another was already in Malaysia having gone for a diving trip earlier. The remaining 4 decided to save money and drove up to KL on Sat morning instead. These remaining 4 only reached the apartment we were staying in close to 4pm because it took them 2 hours to clear the customs.

Here comes the first element: Games. The tekan session started that Sat evening. My friends thought of a devious questionnaire game where both the bachelor and I had to compete against each other and be the fastest to answer the questions. The loser had to drink a forfeit. Imagine the forfeit possibilities: beer, 60% neat whisky and mixers. I would like to quote a phrase from the Hunger Games which best describe this game: “may the odds be ever in your favour”. The mission of my friends was to dig as many secrets as possible from us. I cannot reveal the juicy questions or answers but let me give you a teaser. One of the more harmless questions was: What made you propose or say yes when he proposed? You might ask who the winner for this game was. The bachelor or bachelorette? I think I was the winner for the bachelor had to empty his stomach first before moving on the second part of the party. Not that I am a good drinker it was more of I managed to quench their thirst for answers.

Second element of the party: more alcohol at Zouk (the venue does not matter). The bachelor and I had a series of dares to do and for every completed dare my friends will need to drink 3 shots. Examples of the dares were talk to a complete stranger for 1 min. Get a stranger’s number of the opposite sex. Sounds like toastmasters doesn’t it? In order to reserve a table at Zouk we had to open 2 bottles of alcohol. We opened a bottle of vodka and soon we were toasting to everyone. We then moved to Velvet for some grooving to LMFAO and many other songs and drinks. In case you were wondering what happened to our dares, we managed to avoid doing them because everyone was so high from drinking and dancing that our dares became secondary. What do I mean by high? We were slapping on red lipstick and giving kisses to everyone in the group, regardless male or female. That’s what alcohol does to you. Frankly I didn’t escape unscathed for the bachelor ordered 2 flaming Lamborghini. Warning: the drink is spicy! I also had the unfortunate situation of being pulled up to the stage to display myself. By 330am one of us was so zonked out that he was catching some sleep eye on the couches and half of us then decided to leave for our cozy beds. However it was not uneventful for the remaining group. One of my friends was snapped with a lot of kisses plastered all over his face and the two beautiful culprits besides him. I hope the bachelors / bachelorettes in this room are taking notes.

The most important element of a bachelor/ bachelorette party if you have not realized by now is of course friends. Without friends, you wouldn’t have the devious games, dares, alcohol accompanied by puking and of course laughter and fun. Our history went back to 2006 when we formed the 27th committee of NUS Rovers Adventure Club. Anything can happen with this group of friends and this is a group that is willing to have fun and at the same time go through pits of hell together. Some examples of pits of hell we went through: We went to Gunung Stong some years back and my friend just missed the train at JB. Most people would have given up and gone straight home. He didn’t and he chased the train literally. He asked us to find out where was the pit stop for the train and he took taxi to the pit stop and eventually met up with us at one of the train stations. To further demonstrate this group’s hard-coreness, one of my friends took a coach back to Singapore after this Zouk outing forgoing sleep in order to celebrate his first year anniversary with his girlfriend. Now that’s the kind of friends you wouldn’t be able to find every day. There are also face palm moments with this group of friends, for example one of my friends booked the Saturday instead of the Sunday flight. The remaining ones who drove back, almost became sitting ducks in the interrogation room at the customs because they forgot to declare the beer bottles they brought back to Singapore.

In total, I have shared three important elements of a bachelor/ bachelorette party with you: 1. Games – Remember the questionnaire game where the bachelor and I had to pit against each other in order not to drink ourselves? 2. Alcohol – Self-explanatory, need I to explain more? 3. Friends – Without friends there will be no entertainment / sabotage. Of course, we must not forget the main character of the party: The bachelor / bachelorette which is ME. Lastly, I would like to end off my recap of my bachelorette party with a quote from Mr Robert Bloch to appreciate my friends: “Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.” To these pees that I have, thank you very much for being a part of my life and staying on. Thank you.

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