Apr 19

Me and My Books

Speaker: Joseph Ch’ng


JosephHi, my name is Joseph and I like books.

Whenever my wife leaves me in the shopping mall so that she could do her own shopping, when she’s done and she comes looking for me, she knows that the place she will always find me is – the bookshop.

I recently moved to a new place and when I stacked up my luggage to be transported to the new place, about half of my possessions were – books.

And whenever I felt low in energy and I needed a dose of refreshing motivation, I knew that I have to be with books.

I like story books, but I like non-fiction books and self-help books more because they teach me perspectives about life and new things I can try out in my life.

So I thought that today, to tell you more about me, perhaps it would be easier and more comfortable for me to start from my books. 3 books that I like.

The first book I like is called The Power of Full Engagement. At the time when I picked up this book, I was pretty much not a human being – I was a human doing. I had a checklist of tasks to complete each day, and I often couldn’t give myself the permission to go to sleep because I didn’t think that I had completed enough things for the day.

This book taught me that I didn’t need more time to do more things, what I needed is more energy, quality energy. It was the total opposite of what I was doing in my life that time, which I had little sleep, I didn’t really play and I had lots of tasks to do…

So I tried out what I learned from the book, and the improvement I saw was that I actually started to enjoy living my life more, than basing my life on how many things I can accomplish.

The second book I like is called Give and Take. A friend recommended this book to me because her lecturer was the author of this book and it had changed the way she approach the success she seeks in her life. Well, this book did the same to me too.

This book spoke about 3 types of people in general – the taker, the matcher and the giver. I have found that I was a matcher who’s usually more passive and conservative when it comes to working with people. It taught me a lot about giving, how to give without burning myself out and most of all, to always look at increasing the pie so that there’s a piece for everyone in the room.

The third book I like is called Just Listen. I picked it up because I wanted to improve my relationship with people. From it, I learned that in the hearts of every human being is a want to be listened to, to be cherished, to be acknowledged. And we can touch their lives by giving them the gift of attention, to understand what are the things that they most seek in their lives, and then we can acknowledge them for the hard efforts they put in every single day for these things they seek. This book had taught me a valuable perspective that making people smile can be as satisfying as getting my point across.

So that’s the 3 books that have given me 3 powerful beliefs: The Power of Full Engagement taught me that life is about having quality energy to enjoy the things I do; Give and Take taught me that givers stay at the top of the race because they are authentic, caring and people want them to stay in the race; and Just Listen taught me how touch people’s lives by offering the gift of listening and acknowledgement.

I must say I am really grateful for the people who have penned down their thoughts, experience and research that results in me able to benefit from them; and I must also say that after spending quite a bit of time with books, at one corner of my heart, there sits a silent ambition that one day, I too hope that I can be an author as well.


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