May 10

Keep Calm and Travel On

Speaker: Shrijan Joshi


Good Evening Mr Toastmaster, fellow Toastmasters, and guests. Title of my speech today is Keep Calm and Travel on

Happy to be the first speech of the new year. Many of us have returned from the holidays; hope u had a rest good and all energized.

A new year, a new beginning, new travel opportunities. How many of us have already checked the calendar for long weekends. let me share with you on some travel tips so that you can all travel happier and safer wearing a smile.

Travel Nowadays is easier..we are much more informed with all the travel blogs and We not only know the location of our destination through google, We can even know the color of the bathroom tile of the hotel room. Such Knowledge is great, but honestly, sometimes it can be stressful. esecially with all the travel horror stories.

So you may ask me, If I am packing to travel and read a horrible immigration blog, should I be worried?

So before I proceed I have to clarify, I have not interviewed travel gurus to bring you practical and inspirational travel strategies; I also do not have tips for those brave folks who travel with children, I can only salute and admire you; and for those of you who tend to leave behind something in the hotel room like me, I feel for you.


All I am sharing with you are travel tips I have learnt along the way that I find important, and hope you will too.

Having said that i am now ready to give all of you some unsolicited advice.


Travelling to places unknown is an adventure and you are leaving your comfort zone, facing fears and taking some risk. But Courage has its own reward. The self-confidence alone is worth the time, money and energy.

For any travel the first thing I can say is, preparation is the key.


Good preparation will soothe your anxiety and smooth your trip.


We all know It is prudent to find out the customs and culture your destination. We also know the importance of planning itineraries and research on transportation and accommodation options. but don’t be the traveller, who is always flipping the guidebook and missing the carnival. Use your senses as they are the best guides. And don’t forget ur best sense, is your common sense.


For romance read a book set in the place or a movie. It gives a boost to your imagination, which is your by the way your greatest travel companion.


Another Important thing to remember, is to watch your attitude. If you are travelling to a completely new place, its like Star Wars when Yoda sends Luke into the cave. “uhh master, What will I find there?” Luke asks. “Only what you bring with you,” Yoda answers. I guess the same is true for traveling. If you bring fear, you will be scared. My advice is to be as open and trusting as you can be, while remaining cautious and using our friend the common sense of course. A friendly hello and a few harmless polite words can go a long way


Remember that traveling is just as much about learning about yourself as it is about your destination. when you are going to a place try to find a bearing of the place, a cafe or a restaurant and chat up people. If possible try to befriend a local, Its always not easy but maybe this is the time to use those facebook friends. A local perspective can enrich your experience and take you to that place only a local would know and could give you a fun insight. .

Coz in the end it’s the people as much as the place that makes the memory.

And once you have your bearing, try wandering. I like to get a hair cut in another country, and I can say the the result is interesting each time.


I find these tips to be generally a good way to discovering places, and certainly more fun than reading a guide-book.

Now Take everything I said with a pinch of salt, but remember the golden rules,

Preparation is the key

Watch your attitude

Find a bearing and explore away


So I leave with a quote..the world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.

Thank you

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