May 03

Future of Talking

Speaker: Shrijan Joshi


Joshi P2Good Evening Mr Toastmaster, fellow Toastmasters, and most distinguished guests,

The title of my speech today is:

Future of Talking


Do you sometimes imagine a future 50 years from now?

I wonder what it would be like?

Will there be flying cars?

Will it be like Star Trek where we get beamed to places.

Or will we all comfortably expect to live to be 125.

Imagine a world like that.

What would it mean then in 2065 to do you projects in toastmasters.

What would it mean to be a good communicator?


Today we have the technology and all things Internet.

Communication is getting easier, faster, more everywhere.

With all our smart phones, ‘always on’, we are communicating today in many ways and with more people than ever before.

We are now not only communicating with people, we have also started interfacing and talking to machines.

Soon we will be seeing more technological interfaces making communication and computing a natural part of our lives.

With all that tech, seems like we are expressing more, connecting more;

But are we necessarily being good communicators?


To answer that, lets pack our bags and go to 2065 when everyone is hyper connected and always communicating.

But 2065 would surely have a few things we don’t have today; let imagine together a few things that could be available to a wannabe good communicator of 2065!


The first thing I would would want in 2065 is to download a competent communicator app. I would imagine the app to called the Lincoln App. Why is the app named after Lincoln, the 16th American president.

Well apparantly when Abraham Lincoln talked he could really emphatize with the audience.he could make You feel like you were the only person in the world. Lincoln connected with his audience. Imagine an app that could instantly let your listeners connect with you. Would you not download such an app? It would surely be one of my favorite apps.

What other gifts would the future hold?


How about communication super pills. I can think of 3 magic pills of various colors.

The first the red pill would Disarm the audience,

the blue pill would help to Engage the audience

and the big yellow pill would create Focus.

Taking the red pill would Disarm the naturally defensive audience. It would make the speaker non threatening and bring humour to your speech. It could make you comfortable and have confidence in your speech; you would share your good energy in the conversation and disarm the audience..

The exciting neon blue pill would help you engage the audience by teaching you how to give and take in a reciprocal manner.

Not only would it help you initiate the conversation.

It could also help you be an amazing communicator, who is informed and yet ready to listen, learn, and participate.

The last pill is the tiny yellow pill called the Focus pill. I imagine it to be most popular pill and would be ideal for all of you participating in the the table topics round..

It would help you instantly set structure to your speech and you’ll be able to communicate ideas in an efficient and powerful way.


I have saved the best for the last. Imagine breaking the barrier in all communication, yes, the barrier of language. Imagine somethings to solve that.

I call it the ‘the Babel Fish’.

Many of you who have read the book ‘The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy’ would have heard of this.

the babel fish is an alien fish like thing that you put inside your ears. As you squeeze it in, and connects to you, it instantly starts translations for you all communications regardless of language. Imagine languages no longer a barrier between people.


In the hyper cosmopolitan mish mash world of 2065, with the babel fish between my ears, I could communicate to all of you in my own native dialect and everyone would instantly understand without missing a single pun.

Imagine the fun in that!

With all these magical gifts that 2065 has to offer, am sure all of us would be great communicators.


Until then, good communication is still a human endeavor.

In the end I want to leave you with Abraham Lincoln’s words: The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.


Thank You

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