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Leadership Track

*This is part of the traditional Toastmasters Education Track. As of August 2018, all new Toastmasters will be embarking on the new Pathways Learning Experience Program.

Competent Leadership Manual
The Competent Leadership manual focuses on different leadership skills through ten projects, each providing the member background information and an assignment that requires serving in one or more specified meeting or club roles in which the aspects of that skill can be practiced.



Advanced Leadership Manuals
Each of the Advanced Leadership manuals challenges members to further improve their leadership skills. Members learn and develop leadership skills as they deliver presentations in a variety of topics.


Leadership Excellence Series is a set of programs that teach members the skills that they will need to be successful leaders inside and outside of Toastmasters.
Leadership-Excellence-Series Presentation of a Leadership Excellence Series module can help fulfill one of the requirements for the Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB) award.


Success/Leadership is a program is comprised of several modules designed to offer a higher, more comprehensive level of training for developing stronger leadership skills. In addition to the presentation materials, each module also provides ample opportunity for participants to practice what they have learned.

Success-LeadershipPresentation of a Success/Leadership Program can help fulfill one of the requirements for Advanced Communicator Gold (ALG) award.


High Performance Leadership is a five-project program which offers instruction and practice in such vital leadership skills and activities as developing a mission and vision, goal-setting and planning, identifying values and building a team.


Completion of a High Performance Leadership project fulfills one of the requirements for Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) award.


Successful Club Series
The Successful Club Series is a set of educational speeches focused on improving the quality of club meetings, with tips on attracting and maintaining members.

Successful-Club-SeriesPresentation of a Successful Club Series module can help fulfill one of the requirements for Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS) or Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB) award.