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May 19

The BIG question in LIFE

Terry Contest 2015

Speaker : Terry Teza   Once upon the time, there was a wise holy man. He was famous for giving the One answer irregardless of whatever question was asked. The question could be: – “Will I will pass my exam?” Or Will I find my life partner soon?” Or   Will my business be successful? …

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Apr 17

Results or Growth?

Speaker: Clement Chio   It’s all over the news. In the past week, the parliament debated extensively about various policies that aims to shift cultures and change mindsets about being obsessed with a degree. It may be late for our policy makers to realise this, but our meritocratic result-driven landscape is actually detrimental to society …

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Apr 14

Shall We Dance

Speaker: Terry Teza   Introduction: How many of you are married already? How people make their wedding special? My Fiancée and I were discussing how to make our wedding special. Shall we dance? I jokingly said. We can do Indian Dance? No. Burmese Dance? No. Or Ballroom dance? She excitedly said, ‘Yes!’. Good evening Toastmaster …

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Oct 04


Clement Chio Division Contest

Speaker : Clement Chio   I sat myself in front of the computer, opened my browser and got ready. With my iPad on my left, and my iPhone on my right, I waited. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! 6pm. I frantically keyed in my username and placed orders n my desktop, on my iPad, on …

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Sep 04


Speaker: Clement Chio   “Ok boys, here’s the plan. Team A, you will take the hostage, and march up to the enemy. Stall them for as long as you can. Don’t give in. Team B, we’ll go around the territory and sneak in by the back door. Once we’ve infiltrated we’ll catch them unawares from …

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