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May 01

The Counter State of Embarrassment

Joseph P2

Speaker: Joseph Ch’ng   I was at the Star Vista mall the other day, and I was looking for the toilet. Being in a rushy state, and rather desperate as well… I almost walked into the ladies’ toilet.   And I was “caught”… because a lady was coming out of the toilet… Luckily she didn’t scream… but …

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Apr 28

Rule #5: Harden the F Up

Sandip P2

Speaker: Sandip   Good evening toastmaster of the evening, fellow toastmasters, guests, ladies and gentlemen. I am Sandip and today, I’ll be embarking on my second project with a speech titled Rule #5: Harden the F Up! For those of us who know how to ride a bicycle, I think you would agree with me …

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Apr 26

Lessons from my Braces


Speaker: Pei Geok   Good evening distinguished guests and fellow toastmasters. Today I will be sharing some valuable lessons with you which I learned from this dental treatment, braces, which can be applicable to both personal and professional relationships and lives. I started wearing braces in Apr 2013 and as you can see and I …

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Apr 24

Crossing Borders

Sandip P1

Speaker: Sandip   Good evening Toastmaster of the day, fellow toastmasters, guests, ladies and gentlemen. We always have a single event in life that changes us. 14 Feb 1998, I remember this date not because what 14th Feb represents I was in love, but I had to leave the familiarity of the place I called …

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Apr 21


Pei Geok P1

Speaker: Pei Geok   Good evening, fellow toastmasters and distinguished guests. Today I am starting on my maiden project, the icebreaker speech. I am sure most of you would have gone for interviews and the very first question the interviewer likes to ask is: Tell me something about yourself. So I would like to share …

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Apr 19

Me and My Books


Speaker: Joseph Ch’ng   Hi, my name is Joseph and I like books. Whenever my wife leaves me in the shopping mall so that she could do her own shopping, when she’s done and she comes looking for me, she knows that the place she will always find me is – the bookshop. I recently …

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Jul 14

Funny Money

Speaker: NW   ‘’Money, Money, Money, its funny…’’– so said ABBA.. Let me ask you, do you ever wonder how money is created? We carry it around in our pockets. We use it everyday. We are always trying to get more of it. We worry we wont have enough of it in the future. But …

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Jul 03

Journey to Financial Success

Eric Ko talked about journey to financial success. “The future depends on what you do today”.

Speaker: Eric Ko   Bill Gates: If you’re born poor, it’s not your fault. If you die poor, it’s your fault. Greetings. How many of you are financially successful? Sure enough, many people have different definitions towards being successful financially. This evening, I would to share my views onto becoming financially successful.   Decide Lifestyle …

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Jul 03

Building Strong Team

Phoebe : "Life is a team sport! The team players could be our family members, colleagues, friends, neighbors and etc."

Speaker: Phoebe Yaw This year, we have a lot of prestigious sports event such as Thomas & Uber Cup in MAY for the badminton tournaments in the world and recently the heat is on FIFA World Cup, where people are talking about it over the office, Facebook, and mass media as well as broadcast the …

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May 30

Is Getting Old Scary

Speaker: NW   Ladies and gentlemen tonight the topic I will talk about is worse than an audit from the tax man, scarier then a slow painful death and more mind-numbing then realizing that your smartphone battery is about to die at the start of a 40 minutes MRT ride. What is this ghastly topic …

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