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Oct 08

Alex the Girl

Speaker: Alexandria Chen “Alex? Isn’t that a guy’s name? “   How many people here think that Alex is a guy’s name? How many of you gave me this quizzical look when I told you my name is Alex?   Don’t worry, I get that a lot. My name is Alexandria, you can call me …

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Aug 03


Speaker: Tushar   Toastmaster of the evening, fellow Toastmasters, to introduce myself today I’m going to talk about water. Not just because that’s what my name means in Sanskrit but also because water really defines me.   I guess that’s a really strange way to introduce oneself but after racking my brain for several weeks …

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May 15

Who Am I?

TzyyFung P1

Speaker: Tzyy Fung   Thank you Toastmaster of the Evening. Good evening fellow toastmasters and guests. Tonight I am going to share a little bit about myself, my identity. Identity, as defined in oxford dictionary, it means the characteristics determining who or what a person or thing is. Firstly, who am I? I am a …

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Apr 24

Crossing Borders

Sandip P1

Speaker: Sandip   Good evening Toastmaster of the day, fellow toastmasters, guests, ladies and gentlemen. We always have a single event in life that changes us. 14 Feb 1998, I remember this date not because what 14th Feb represents I was in love, but I had to leave the familiarity of the place I called …

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Apr 21


Pei Geok P1

Speaker: Pei Geok   Good evening, fellow toastmasters and distinguished guests. Today I am starting on my maiden project, the icebreaker speech. I am sure most of you would have gone for interviews and the very first question the interviewer likes to ask is: Tell me something about yourself. So I would like to share …

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Apr 19

Me and My Books


Speaker: Joseph Ch’ng   Hi, my name is Joseph and I like books. Whenever my wife leaves me in the shopping mall so that she could do her own shopping, when she’s done and she comes looking for me, she knows that the place she will always find me is – the bookshop. I recently …

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May 25

To Err Is Human


Speaker: Savio Sebastian   No transcript because Savio didn’t write his script. Which is even more impressive because his speech was amazing! What we have though, are the powerpoint slides which he used. Try to guess what he was talking about?

Sep 06


Speaker: Phoebe Yaw   ‘OH NO! That’s a cool hair style… Oh NO!!. …No camera, please..’’ A very good evening to Madame/Mr. Toastmaster, President, Fellow Members and Honored Guest. I’m Phoebe Yaw. Most of the time when I introduce myself as “Phoebe”, people will think of  another Phoebe, a fictional character in the series of …

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May 05


Speaker: Clement Chio Good evening Club President, District Officers, Fellow Toastmasters & Guests. I’ve been blessed with a good name. Clement, essentially means ‘to be merciful’. And I believe I have stayed true to my name so far. Well at least, to date, I don’t think I’ve killed anyone as yet. But it’s not my …

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