Sep 23

Beautiful Mess

Beautiful Mess

Speaker: Danny Ho, ACB, CL

The neighborhood was quiet. The skies were absolutely dark. I was lying at the garden enjoying the moonlight. Suddenly, my wife shouted, “Honey please HELP! The water hose BURST, the kitchen floor flooded!” I said, “Oh no… it happens again.”

Toastmasters of the evening, fellow Toastmasters and guest:

Let me tell you a secret, “I found a good deal!” Last year, I spent one month to search through all the properties offer for sale in our neighboring country. I discovered a terrace house sitting in a peaceful neighborhood. I begged to the owner, “Mr Lee sell away your home then you can retire RICH!” Suprisingly, he agreed with the UNDER market deal. WooHo! I was so excited after I signed the contract. It is a good deal!!

One sunny morning I told my wife proudly, “Honey, I want to show you my recent investment, a fabulious terrace house.” As I arrived, I opened the gate it was rusted. Then, I opened the door it was shaky. When I steped on the staircase it was nearly collapsed. Look at my SIZE then you could imagine how heavy I am. The ceiling has plenty of holes. The windows were falling apart. My wife questioned me “Honey did you check the condition”. “I was too rush to close the deal… I have not.” Then my wife suggested that, “Go and hire a contractor to fix it.”

I hired the the BEST renovation contractor in Singapore and JB… Jimmy to work on the project. Jimmy assured me that, “Don’t worry boss, I can handle it … I can offer you the lowest price.” It sounded very attractive to me. “All right, I will let you handle it and make sure it is cheap.”

Everything went well for the first two week; the workers hacked the floor and dismantled the windows. I was impressed with their speed and felt relieved. Once again Jimmy reassured that “Don’t worry boss, next week my workers will install the floor tiles.” I reminded him, “You better do it quick.” Subsequent weeks everything went smooth. Until one Monday morning, I noticed that all the work stopped. I called him up, “Ooi What happened?” Jimmy told me, “All of them fall sick today.” I was angry, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier. You better take care of it?”

Yet, the disaster came on the following week. I received a call from Jimmy’s workers demanded for their salaries, because Jimmy has defaulted them. They threatened me, “If you fail to pay me $5000 by tomorrow, I will smash your window.” What an earth Jimmy was doing? I called him up, the phone disconnected. I hunted him down he had disappeared. WHAT?

What a beautiful mess? He fled away and left my house with no FENCE, no WINDOWS and no DOOR. The pouch was full of debris until my neighbor complaint about it. More importantly, my wife screamed at me “How could you TRUST such a LIAR?” Both of us were disappointed.

Then, we realized things have to carry on. We worked positively and proactively. My wife and I rolled up our sleeve to tidy up this beautiful mess. First, I took over the project. I hired floor tiles specialist, I contacted the windows contractor, and I approached gate manufacture to finish the work in shortest time. Finally, I DIY to paint the house and fixed all the water hose. After we were sweating for TWO months, we MAKE it. We built a new garden grew with beautiful sunflowers. We believe ourselves, our ability to get things done.

Two months later, we invited all our friends and family member to celebrate our house warming party. We were having a good time with good food and good chat. The party went on until late at night. After all the guests left, I sat down quietly at the garden to enjoy the moonlight. Then, my wife shouted,“Honey please HELP! The water hose BURST, the kitchen floor flooded!” “Oh no… a beautiful mess.”


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